About Us

Children with disabilities often seek out opportunities for social interaction with other children. Unfortunately, some popular social gathering places are not fertile grounds for children with mental or physical challenges. A main reason for this challenge is that some public areas or businesses include handicap accessibility as an inconvenient afterthought. To remove this challenge, children with disabilities need a safe place to socialize where they can enjoy physical activities, technology or just watching movies with the same ease of access and exit all other children take for granted.

Our Mission

Our mission as an organization is to create a “Judgement Free Zone” in all of our facilities for children and parents of all ability levels.

Q’s Corner was developed to not only provide an inclusive atmosphere, but to provide a level of comfort and security for parents like myself and caregivers to bring their love ones to enjoy a day out without limitations. This sensory based gym has something for everyone to enjoy. To God be the Glory!

Candace Humphrey